Addiction: Purpose, Defined, and Approaches

Why is it important to treat addiction? It is important to treat addiction, whether drugs, alcohol or other additions such as eating disorders. Addiction shouldn’t address the mere use of or abuse of the subject at hand but rather the whole person. When treating substance abuse we want to look at the client’s history, environmentalContinue reading “Addiction: Purpose, Defined, and Approaches”

Introduction to Positive Psychology

Short Introduction and History Positive Psychology is relatively new in the field of mental health treatment; the ideal gain some inclination before the second world war and died off. Only to be reinvigorated in the early 1950s. Enthusiastically Positive Psychology was brought back into the limelight by Abraham Maslow, Carl Rogers, and Erich Fromm. TheseContinue reading “Introduction to Positive Psychology”

Assessments in Addiction Counseling

Assessment are the development of gathering data through multiple facets. Assessment allow the clinician to gain critical information of their clients. Often this information is personal in nature, but provides the base for allowing a diagnosis to be determined. Assessment can lead to the determination, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, autism, addiction, bipolar, or personality disorders suchContinue reading “Assessments in Addiction Counseling”