Assessment Types

Introduction There are numerous forms of tests that are available for a psychologist or counselor to use to identify what level a person is at in relation to their peers. There assessment that look at your intellectual abilities. There are tests that assist in projecting a future career. That are test that can aid inContinue reading “Assessment Types”

Clinical Assessment in Mental Health Settings

The Purpose and Importance of Clinical Assessment in Mental Health Settings There are numerous forms of assessments that are engaging with purpose, importance, effectiveness in clinical settings. Clinical assessments provide a medical professional with reason, emotions, and insight into a client’s thinking process. An assessment will provide a given look at the overall mental capacityContinue reading “Clinical Assessment in Mental Health Settings”

Assessments in Addiction Counseling

Assessment are the development of gathering data through multiple facets. Assessment allow the clinician to gain critical information of their clients. Often this information is personal in nature, but provides the base for allowing a diagnosis to be determined. Assessment can lead to the determination, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, autism, addiction, bipolar, or personality disorders suchContinue reading “Assessments in Addiction Counseling”