Comparison of Professionals

Social Work Compared to Substance Abused Counseling In the late 1800s the concept of social work was born with the first course in social work being offered at Columbia University (National Association of Social Workers (NASW), n.d.). This course was supported by an increasing number of volunteers who were reaching to meet the social needsContinue reading “Comparison of Professionals”

Consultancy Service

Consultancy services are the enter exchanges and interactions between a social worker and a “client”. Through this exchange and interaction, the two will develop and set a path of discovery and development of a plan establishing a pathway forward. The social worker provides expertise in skills, values, and knowledge to aid in developing a planContinue reading “Consultancy Service”

Adaptive Relations

Relationships A relationship is the interpersonal connection between one or more individuals and on a macro level it is the connection shared between nations, cultures, or associations. A Relationship is profoundly interconnected to mankind’s social adaptation and interaction with other humans. A relationship can be positive full of passions, closeness, happiness, and exchanges of idealsContinue reading “Adaptive Relations”

Social Work in Substance Abuse and Poverty

Social Work and Case Management/ Substance Abuse Case Management is rooted in the founding of social work and continues to do so to this date. Case management incorporates the study of public and private funding for education counseling, medical care, and social services. In conjunction, each of these products enables a social worker to bringContinue reading “Social Work in Substance Abuse and Poverty”