Alcoholics Anonymous (A Short History)

Alcoholics Anonymous has been invested in the recovery of alcoholics for decades using many tried and true methods to enable addicts to transition from abuse to sobriety. Born out of a program called the Oxford Group. This program was spiritual and focused on tentative that is well established in now mainstream AA. These tentative focused on meditation, prayer, reflections that sought a personal inventory of one’s wrongdoing, accepting that one (self) was wrong and apologies for it. Participants who successfully adapted to the program were to carry the message to other alcoholics so they too could know the personal liberties of life without alcohol. Bill W one of the founders of AA was a rising star on Wall Street with a promising career as a stockbroker, however, he consistently had reoccurring problems with drinking and often found himself check into a rehabilitation program. Bill W recognizes and conforms to the new beliefs of the Oxford group (one of his stop in the treatment process) and eventually lays the groundwork for what would be Alcoholics Anonymous. Through the years 1935-44 the development of the 12-step program is created and developed. The newly founded group’s meetings are eventually offed to be hosted at the Towns Hospital where Mr. Bill is offered a share of the profit from the program. However, the small group that manages the newely created program elects that the program should be free of charges to ensure the spread of the message to other alcoholics who are greatly in need. During the early start of the program, Mr. Frank Amos a close friend of John Rockefeller confirms the idea that a hospital for Alcoholics should be established and consulted with his associates Mr. Rockefeller for the funding of the program in the sum of 50 thousand dollars. The funding is met with an alternative thought that the program should be self-funded, but is granted a contribution of 5 thousand dollars with the recommendation that the hospital is run by Dr. Bob. In 1941 a newspaper clipping is sent to Ms. Ruth Hock, Mr. Bill’s first secretary of AA, containing the serenity prayer and it instantly becomes well accepted by the early members of AA and develops into the main staple of group meetings recited in numerous chapters globally today. In 1944 the newspaper the AA Grapevine is introduced, it was designed to be a bulletin to share AA news to members. This bulletin develops into becoming the organization’s official magazine. In 1949 the expansion of AA is made into Europe (Scotland) by Sir Philip D after seeking treatment from the oxford group and learning about the fellowship. In 1952 at the urging of Bill W. his wife takes up the charge to coordinate individual support groups that assist family members of alcoholics under the name “Al-Anon”. The goal of unification under one program is meet with a positive outcome. From 1955-to 1974 AA felt a vast expansion of its program to encompass every populated continent within the globe. AA had never experienced an ability to reach and change the lives of many people across numerous cultural identities before. During the 1980s AA experienced many new forms of publications and video messaging that allowed to further reach to those in need and informed the public of its services. During the second half of the 80s and into the mid-1990s AA expanded into eastern Europe. This became possible with the collapse of the USSR. In addition, the expansion of communication allowed not only for the message of AA to be spread but also allowed for a connection between chapters to become hardened and increase the bond between one chapter and the next. Over the next 30 years AA continues to grow and expand into new countries, advance publication, and information for support of the recovering alcoholic and provide fellowship.

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Hi, and thank you for joining me on my new site. Here I want to take time to discuss different aspects of Mental Health that I have observed over the last 17 years. I wanted to use this blog as an opportunity to discuss research, personal experience, and though the comment section have you the reader share your personal experience with mental health either yours or in a support role for your loved ones. Here on this form I will be targeting topic such as personality disorders, Autism, addiction, and other such aspect that effect many of us throughout the course of our lives. It is my hope through sharing information we can learn from each other.

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