Positive Pyshology Approaches

Positive Psychology Approach

The Positive Psychology Approach is in a way an umbrella of activities, techniques, exercise, intervention, and coaching. This approach can be used in groups, work settings, employees, and students. This method is utilized to enhance anyone who desires to advance their satisfaction within their personal and professional life. The goal is to develop fulling lives and existence through positive reinforcement that has occurred in our past and present lives; it can account for daily activities that have brought enrichment even to the micro-level. This method sets forth to focus on a positive element rather than the traditional strife that psychologist work towards mitigating to ease the tension of mental distress. Positive Psychology Techniques are not used as a replacement to the traditional method but as an enhancement tool in the treatment of mental distress(“Positive Psychology,” n.d.).

Exercise under Positive Psychology Approaches

To bring about change and encourage a client towards positive thinking several reinforcers (exercises) would need to be implemented. All of which are basic and can be easily overlooked if one does not take the time to think about it. An initial step we should consider under this plan is the establishment of a gratitude journal the client should write to themselves. The initial pages should include a list of positive events that have occurred through their lives, such as The Birth of a child, making it through a difficult point in their life, the home they reside in, as well as, the loved ones and friends that they care for and care for them. From this point, we will document every week at a minimum the encouraging events that has unfolded. This event does not have to be large powerful moments but can be minor things that the client is thankful for. As the clients’ journal develops the need to visit someone who has brought the client joy may arise, in which case a visit of thankfulness may be needed. In this exercise, one will visit the other expressing their thanks and friendship and how they have helped them. This exercise builds upon the relationship and rapport between the two and enact the receiver of the gratitude feel special which interchange may spread to the next person (“Positive Psychology Techniques (Guide) | Therapist Aid,” n.d.). Another exercise is taking a Daily Vacation. In this event, we set time aside for a minor event such as a hot bath, a walk or run, meditation, and so on. This the client short time to stop and breathe without distraction. Here cell phones, work, or chores are put to the side. Thoughts of freedom and stress need to be put to the left at the ‘door’ to ensure true enrichment of the break. During this break take note of the joy and positive emotions that are being experienced. The goal is to maintain a positive recurrent event that can elevate the client’s overall health. Several other methods that can be employed are personal strengths that a client can build upon, and Acts of kindness(Editorial team, 2019).

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