Consultancy Service

  • Consultancy services are the enter exchanges and interactions between a social worker and a “client”. Through this exchange and interaction, the two will develop and set a path of discovery and development of a plan establishing a pathway forward. The social worker provides expertise in skills, values, and knowledge to aid in developing a plan for the client. The client provides values, skills, and knowledge that have been developed through lifelong environmental exchanges. A social worker enables a client through empowerment to establish change in their client’s life free of bias.  A client connects with this bias free empowerment in an effort to move forward on a course to self-sustainment or recovery.  Clients can feel alienated by a social worker if it is determined that the social worker is acting in a bias, belittling, or looking down upon manner. This frequently arises in case work and adds an extra layer sensitivity to the client’s needs (Social Work Consultancy – Home, n.d.).

    Micro Level

    A Micro Level enabler’s role is to engage in a client’s social functioning challenges. They develop strategies that are based upon the strength of the social worker and the client in an effort to set a path forward. A social worker will assist families, individuals, or groups in this process. The underlying purpose of the micro level role is to enable social functioning through a series of self-discoveries that aids a client in presenting or determining the best solution to current issues.  These solutions that are developed target relationship patterns competence, develop problem solving skills, and adjust behavioral outcomes or functional behavior. A counselor that possesses the ability to empower will identify strength and weakness within the client that they are supporting and enable them to develop the ability to change. Social work will also aim to enhance coping skills, maturity, improved function, and growth in an effort to develop relationship abilities.  In addition, in this role a social worker may act as a practitioner that establish client needs, summarizes a client’s situation, and capacity to meet the challenges of life. An example of Micro Level Enabling Role could be a person that has lost their job seeks assistance in finding a job to support themselves and their family.  A social worker may present the client with a variety of vocational training that could enable the client to retrain for a new career field and obtain employment, rather than select the options for the client the social worker would only provide different options to the client to choose from (Moya et al., 2018).

    Mezzo Level Facilitator Role.

    A Mezzo Level Facilitator’s role is to work directly with formal groups or organizations in an effort to strategies on new or improved methods that will enhance internal procedures. Organization or formal groups may seek the consultation of a social worker in addressing social functions. In this process a social worker is known as a facilitator amongst members of the organization to develop insights and guide members through the collaboration in creating a better process that can benefit all. During the process the group creates goals, plans and methods for individual or social changes. More specifically Mezzo level facilitators enable overall planning, internal communications patterns, process of creating decisions, and architectural structure within the organization. A typical outcome of is the creation of policies that govern organizational functioning.  A method for testing what’s social working in conjunction with the organization that is receiving support has implemented is effective is through several diagnostic questions: Is the target audience reached, has efficient and effective delivery or desired services rendered, are monitoring tool tracking effectively the desired outcomes and those that are not meeting the objective. An example of Mezzo Level facilitation could be a local organization seeking to develop a series of talking points that all members can stand behind and choose to establish a board to develop the appropriate talking that all members can stand behind (Micro, Mezzo, Macro Practice | ecosocialwork, n.d.).

    Macro Level Planner Role

    A macro level role involves a social worker on a broader level in a naturalistic manner, assessing unfulfilled needs through policy, goals, and programs. A high degree of planning and research are conducted at this level of work. Social agenda are focused on through interaction between leaders and social workers to address problems such as health and human services, orchestrating collaboration in developing research, and planning of community function that result social problems, address theories in community change, and macro-level change process. At the macro-level a person serving in this role would utilize specialized skills to meet the resources and needs within a community. Under this role social planning is conducted through program development, policy evaluation, assessments to determine the effectiveness of each program or police that is in place. These social planners are neutral in concepts and formation of policy or programs that affect the community. They maintain the objective to provide a rational course of action through research, planning, and analysis. Scope of planning is created through capabilities and environmental restriction in an effort to develop the full spectrum of the planned operations. An example of the macro level could be an advisory board created to develop priorities, goals, and action taken with the receipt of federal block grants.
    Profession of social work in regard to various levels
    The profession of social work through its numerous colleagues provides an entrust bond of professionalism and maintains integrity. This concept leads to an atmosphere of teamwork and support amongst the profession of social workers. It is paramount that not only do social workers maintain a profound relationship with each, but also that they maintain an effective working relationship with other professions to ensure interaction and support is provided to its community. Social workers maintain their values, ethics, and standards while delivering support to clients. An example of a professional system could be a team of experienced social workers that have been working within their career field and have noticed that new social workers are failing to understand the profession in the proper contact. This could lead to outreach programs where more experience social workers provide mentorship, coaching, and guidance to its younger member an in effort to bring them into the full fold of the profession.

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